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Red-D-Arc DC1000 - 1000 AMP Multi-Process Welder

Red-D-Arc DC1000 - 1000 AMP Multi-Process Welder

Beste Ausstattung

  • DC CC CV
  • 1000 amps DC at 44 volts and 100% Duty Cycle
  • Rugged Tubular Pak-Lok-Frame
  • Full Range Output Control
  • Standard Ammeter and Voltmeter
  • Prozesse: Stick (SMAW), MIG (GMAW), Submerged Arc (SAW), Air Carbon Arc Cutting, Flux-Cored (FCAW)

Designed for GMAW (MIG), FCAW and submerged arc welding, and stick and air carbon arc gouging with up to 5/8" diameter electrodes. Includes standard terminal strip for wire feeders and remote controls.



Rated Output: 1000 amps, 44 volts at 100% duty cycle
Output Range: 16- 46 volts, 150 -1300 amps
Maximum OCV: 75 VDC
Rated Input Current: 193 amps at 230 volts
96.5 amps at 460 volts
77.2 amps at 575 volts
Voltage Input: 230/460/575/3/60
Weight: 962 lbs (437.3 kg) including frame
Dimensions: H: 31.6" (803 mm) W: 28" (711 mm) L: 41" (1041 mm)


Stick (SMAW)


Submerged Arc (SAW)

Air Carbon Arc Cutting

Flux-Cored (FCAW)

Weitere Funktionen


  • Extreme-Duty™ stainless steel construction for operation in harsh environments
  • Outstanding arc characteristics on both constant current and constant voltage processes
  • Windings and rectifiers protected against moisture and corrosive environments
  • Full range output current/voltage potentiometer for easy operation
  • Solid state circuitry provides extra-long life for repetitive welding applications
  • Ammeter and voltmeter for viewing weld parameters
  • Three position mode switch (CV Submerged Arc, CV Innershield, CC Submerged Arc/Gouging) for optimal arc characteristics
  • 500 amp output stud provides enhanced lower current arc characteristics for stick welding and short arc solid wire and gas welding (machine codes above 9500)
  • Line voltage compensation for constant output regardless of input power fluctuations up to +- 10%
  • Fan cooled with electronic and thermostatic protection from current overload and excessive temperatures
  • Terminal strip connections for remote control and wire feeders
  • Heavy duty push button on/off control with pilot light
  • Can be paralleled for up to 2,000 amps at 100% duty cycle of welding power (paralleling kit required)
  • Fuse protected 115 VAC 8 amp wire feeder auxiliary power
  • 3 year warranty on parts and labor
  • Certified to ISO requirements, CSA and UL approved
  • Rugged tubular Pak-Lok-Frame™ enclosure for increased protection

Optionen, Zubehör und dazugehörige Geräte

Three-wheeled shop-type undercarriage
Constant speed and automatic wire feeders
Spool guns
Sub-arc tractor
Remote control
2 kW 120 VAC duplex auxiliary receptacle

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12 VS wire feeder
LT7, LT56 sub-arc tractors
NA3, NA5 automatic wire feeders
RC1 remote control

Red-D-Arc DC1000 - 1000 AMP Multi-Process Welder

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