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Generator Paralleling Systems

Generator paralleling systems are used to synchronize multiple generators to form a larger capacity power source providing 100% power redundancy as well as maximizing fuel efficiency. Generator paralleling systems can also be used for utility power-grid co-generation.

24/7 Load Sharing Operation

Paralleled generator sets maximize reliability, power availability, fuel savings and make maintenance scheduling and system expansion much simpler.

Operational and practical advantages:

  • Avoids partially loaded generator sets
  • Redundancy
  • Fuel cost savings
  • Easier system maintenance and expansion

Parallel-Ready Rental Generators

Red-D-Arc has an extensive fleet of parallel-ready generators available for rent. We have the equipment and expertise to accommodate virtually any configuration and power requirement.

Red-D-Arc paralleling systems use ComAp controllers; the most advanced and reliable paralleling control-technology available. These intelligent controllers can be used to remotely configure, control and monitor all connected generators. A single system can auto-start and synchronize up to 30 generators and is capable of paralleling any combination of diesel and natural gas/LPG/wellhead powered generators.

Red-D-Arc Powerentals Technical Team

Every generator paralleling system we rent includes consultation and configuration services. As experts in the design of paralleling systems we are able to support our customers with highly responsive end-to-end service and help them address their specific challenges.

Download the Red-D-Arc Generator Paralleling Systems brochure or contact Red-D-Arc Sales to learn more.

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