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Welder Certification Trailer

Red-D-Arc's welder certification trailers are equipped for on-site welder testing and procedure certification with eight welding stations, a weldment-test area, and an administrative office
MWCT53 Welder Certification Trailer
  • On-Site Welder Certification
  • Multiprocess Capabilities
  • 8 Welding Stations
  • 1 Administration Office
  • Fume-Free Environment
  • 53 Foot Trailer

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Welder Certification Trailers: Features, Uses, and Importance

Welding machines and procedures have to undergo and pass several testing processes to be certified operational, functional, safe, and adequate for a project. The tests usually ascertain a number of things, such as the general operation of the machines and the quality of the welds they produce. These tests typically take place in dedicated facilities that are likely to be located at a considerable distance from the job site. This is quite inconvenient, especially for big projects, as numerous machines have to be transported to and from the testing facility and to the job site. Similarly, welding technicians must pass certain tests to be certified proficient in specific welding fields. Training may also be required to improve technicians' skills or to introduce them to new welding techniques or machines required for a particular project. To save time and effort, all these activities, which most often take place in dedicated facilities, can be carried out on-site with the use of a welder certification trailer. A welder certification trailer is a mobile facility containing all the necessary machines and equipment for testing and certifying welding machines, procedures, and welds. The unit is also equipped for training and certifying welding technicians, and the entire facility is housed in a trailer with wheels that can be attached to a truck for easy transportation. These mobile facilities are commonly used in job sites and training programs.

Features of a Welder Certification Trailer

One of the primary features of welder certification trailers is welding stations. These trailers usually contain multiple welding stations that allow for simultaneous welding, testing, and training. Individual welding stations typically contain fixtures to hold work, a gas flow meter, electrical receptacles, and a screen for protecting passersby from arc flashes. When the trailer is required for training, the welding stations also come with welding machines.

In addition to the welding stations, a welder certification trailer may also feature weldment testing areas to test the quality of welds produced and an office for carrying out paperwork. Finally, these mobile facilities feature power distribution and control areas and may come with various other accessories such as pipe trees, shelves, scrap buckets, etc. Applications and benefits of welder certification trailers The following are some of the applications and benefits of mobile welder certification facilities:

  1. Numerous welding machines are usually procured for large welding projects. To prevent downtime and ensure the speed and quality of the entire project, these machines have to be tested and proven functional, safe, and adequate before work begins. On-site facilities make it possible to easily test the machines right where the work is happening, eliminating the need to transport them to and from dedicated facilities.
  2. On-site welder certification trailers facilitate the training of technicians and the improvement of their existing skills. New skills and techniques can be learned and perfected quickly on site.
  3. These mobile facilities also make it possible to carry out training programs with ease. For example, Red-D-Arc enabled a Texas welding training institute to expand their training program and increase their enrollment by supplying them with welder certification trailers, advanced process welders, and wire feeders through low-cost, flexible leasing options.
  4. In general, the mobility of welder certification trailers helps save time, cost, and effort.

Red-D-Arc's MWCT53 Welder Certification Trailer

The MWCT53 trailer is Red-D-Arc's proprietary welder certification trailer. This 53-foot trailer features eight welding stations, each featuring a screen, a high-speed exhaust fan for keeping the welding environment safe and fume-free, 115 VAC GFI outlets, an inert gas flowmeter, work-holding fixtures, and, if required, a multiprocess welder that can carry out various processes, including TIG, stick, flux-cored, and MIG welding. The trailer comes with a spacious and comfortable administrative office equipped with air conditioning, a desk, and shelves. It also features a weldment test area with a coupon bender of up to 10,000 pounds bending force.

The MWCT53 mobile, on-site welder certification trailer also boasts various accessories such as vices, an electrode oven, a bench grinder, scrap/slag buckets for each welding station, and 12 115 VAC 15 amp duplex outlets. Red-D-Arc's mobile welder certification trailers can be customized for your unique requirements and are readily available for rent and lease.

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