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Welder Rentals

We're experts in helping you procure the right equipment for your business. Our range of rental welding equipment includes engine driven welders (diesel, gas, LPG), stick welders, wirefeeders, MIG welders, spoolguns, TIG welders, stud welders and more. We serve industries of all sizes including oilfield, pipeline, construction, wind energy, manufacturing and steel fabrication.

Competitive Welder Rental Rates

With the largest welding equipment rental fleet in North America, Red-D-Arc can provide you with competitive rental rates on welders, positioners, generators and specialty equipment like plasma cutters. Get quotes on the most up to date welding equipment. Keep your fleet up to date and leave the maintenance to us. Get a Quote on welder rental rates using our easy online quoting system. We have options for long term rentals, leasing and purchase of welding equipment. Not sure what you need? Contact an Expert for a free consultation. We're North America's trusted welding equipment rental experts.

Welding Positioners for Sale

The Red-D-Arc line of weld positioning equipment is available for sale, lease and rent. If you are interested in purchasing a weld automation system, please visit our weld automation sales page and browse our selection of equipment. Our team of experts are ready to advise you on the right equipment for the job and can create a custom automation system to meet the specific requirements of your project. Welding professionals all over the world trust Red-D-Arc's experts to help them increase productivity and ensure the success of every project. We're here to answer any questions you have. Contact an expert.

Need to jobsite power for your entire operation? Check out our Power Generator Rentals page to view our entire selection of diesel, natural gas and LPG generators.

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Airgas, an Air Liquide company, is the nation's leading single-source supplier of gases, welding and safety products. Known locally nationwide, our distribution network serves more than one million customers of all sizes with a broad offering of top-quality products and unmatched expertise.